Welp, it looks like we've got ourselves a brand-spanking-new wiki on this fine website! ... yeah, I'm just here because I wanted to be the first person to post news.

Actually, that's a lie, and I do have something to declare. Within two minutes of joining this wiki, I learned the template that outputs the current viewer's username: {{Username}}. I think that really says something about how effective a tool for learning Wikia's language this wiki could be. All we need is people, right? So I'm going to actively encourage everyone who's reading this to contribute to this wiki as much or as little as they like. Do your worst! It's not like you can ruin the wiki.

Oh, and I've also written a page about experimenting with wiki pages - WIKICEPTION, BWUUUUUH - but it's kinda short and I don't think it's all that complete. If anyone wants to add to the different ways to mess around with Wikia, please do so. No really, I'm demanding it.

I doubt anything major's going to happen since this is a relatively new wiki, so until then, stay classy, Wiki-ers.

Ax Boi VS Wikia (talk) 19:47, April 29, 2015 (UTC)