NOTE: THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED. Now, the admins may have noticed they have been demoted to mod. This is not because I don't think they're worthy, but I do not want to have a million admins running about. So, I'm putting admin rights (and other staff positions) up for grabs in a editing contest.

Rules and How to Play

Basically, I will be looking at what you will be doing. I will determine places based on a couple of things; PRODUCTIVE edits, helping with any people that need something, and being polite. You cannot "edit" pages by copying and pasting the same exact thing and being counted as a edit.


AXBOI - District Pineapple

GD Gamer - District Geometry Dash

Sufi - District Minecraft

GD Midnighte - District Trash

Patriot - District Union

Cristinelul - District HTML


1st Place: Admin

2nd Place: Mod

3rd Place: Mod

4th Place: Chat Mod

5th Place: Chat mod


1st Place: AXBOI

2nd Place: Sufi

3rd Place: Cristinelul

4th Place: Patriot

5th Place: GD Gamer

6th Place: GD Midnighte

Thanks for playing! Be warned though, if you are inactive, you WILL be demoted. Contest ended on May 23rd.