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I'm making custom usertags

Since I have access to the Coding Sandbox Wikia CSS script, I can do a lot of stuff with this wiki, which I have no idea how to do because I suck at JavaScript. Nevertheless, I've already added a couple of things.

Thing 1) A "refresh" button under the "Edit" button on wiki pages, which purges Wikia's cache so all changes made to the CSS show up instantly. Let's face it, I'm the only one who's really going to use that, but it's still cool.

Thing 2) You know the little things on an admin or mod's page which say "Admin" or "Mod"? Well, I can make custom versions of those for users, saying pretty much anything (within reason). Technically speaking I could make it look like I'm a bureaucrat (watch out, Ioprocessing), but I'm not that evil. So if you ladies want to ask for a custom label to be put on your user page, just ask!

Here's a template, for ease of use. All fields are optional, with the exception of "text on label".

Text on label:

Text colour:

Background colour (optional):

Border colour (optional):

(Note: Once added, user tags may take up to an hour to appear. Tags will also stop working if you change your Wikia username, so if you do, let me know.)

You know what the reply box is for.


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Wait, what is the reply box for again?


I'll use the refresh button :)


Maybe if I highlight this thread, suddenly everyone will flood in!

... no.


Text on label: The Most Active Moderator

Text colour: White

Background colour: Black

Border colour: Black


orly m8

Forgot to add that background and border colour are completely optional... my bad *sheepish grin*

However, your tag is now up there alongside the regular mod tag. Yay.


changed to "most active admin", thank me later

actually no, thank me right now

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