Welcome to the Coding Sandbox WikiEdit

Hello! This wiki is a sandbox for people to code or just visit in general. Otherwise, there's not much to this wiki (yet). Please do not edit the main page, but do edit the pages made specifically for coding, etc.

Um, what is this? Edit

This wiki is for people aspiring to be coders or people who want a free workspace to code in. We promote experimenting and messing around with pretty much anything, just as long as it's not completely disruptive to others. Please enjoy your visit here!

Before you get started, it's a good idea to take a look at the Coding Sandbox Dos and Don'ts, because nobody wants their wiki ruined by carelessness and frankly we'll probably smash your face in with the Ban Hammer.

There are many easy places to practise coding! Just try it on your profile, or on one of our sandbox pages! (You can access these through Wiki Content > Sandboxes.)

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Although not necessarily the greatest.