Hello again, <insert name here>! Now, you might be wondering how I knew your name! It's simple: Magic! Templates! You expected HTML, but... oh well, let's begin!


Base Tags Edit

  • <!DOCTYPE HTML> - Tells the browser the page is in HTML. Doesn't have an end tag. Make sure to put this at the very beginning of the page!
  • <html> - Every single tag goes between this and the end tag (with the exception of the <!DOCTYPE HTML> tag).
  • <head> - Contains the title, scripts and CSS files.
  • <body> - Contains the content of the page.

Head Tags Edit

The following tags go into <head>:

  • <title> - Contains the page title page (seen on the tab).

Body Tags Edit

The following tags go into <body>:

  • <p> - Contains a paragraph.
  • <img> - Contains an image. Do note that this tag is more special than the others, as it does NOT have an end tag. It also has two REQUIRED atributes: src and alt (src being the image's link (if it's a image from the web), directory (if it is installed on the website author's computer) or name (if it is in the same folder as the HTML file) and alt being alternate text displayed if the image cannot be loaded).

Other Edit

  • Comments - these go between <!-- and -->. Comments are NOT displayed by the browser and can only be viewed in the source code.

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