Don't actually abandon the wiki...

Alright, seriously. Up until today, this wiki's focused on only the markup language used on Wikia (mostly because I've been writing the pages under the assumption that this wiki was focused solely on WML). However, Mr. Sufi2425 has added a lot of stuff to do with CSS and JavaScript, which is great in theory, but it's jumbled up the wiki in practice. Like, really jumbled everything up. That in mind, I wanted to put forward a plan of action for stretching out into other languages, so that hopefully we can develop at a rate we can actually keep up with.


STEP 1) Get rid of the Coding category. Seriously, we don't need it. It's like making a Final Fantasy category on the Final Fantasy wiki.

STEP 2) Develop on the code we already have first. We don't have all that much in the way of any of the codes so far on this wiki. Most of our information is on WML, so let's at least try and cover as much as possible on that language before we move on. Nothing short of perfection, right?

STEP 3) At least at first, add other languages WHERE THEY'RE NEEDED. A lot of the advanced stuff in WML is actually taken directly from HTML, so that can be justified when explaining how functions work, but WML doesn't use any JavaScript, so we don't need that.

STEP 4) Categorise more effectively. A lot of the categories on this wiki are redundant, like the aforementioned Coding category. Get rid of them. Instead, have a category for WML, a category for HTML (although it might be worth combining these two since they're so similar), a category for CSS and a category for JavaScript.

STEP 5) git gud plox m9 - a lot of the new pages are copied and pasted from the W3Schools website, and frankly, on this wiki they're completely out of place. If not writing completely original pages, at least rewrite the information to make sense alongside the rest of the wiki.

It's a lot, I know, but it can be done if the three people who actually actively edit this wiki smash their heads together and form some kind of deformed Siamese hydra twins. If you've got any questions or remarks, you know what the comments are for.

AXBOIvsWIKIA 19:40, May 13, 2015 (UTC)

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