... I'm not making custom icons. I am making custom usertags, but as I've already worked out, nobody cares about that.

In other news, here's a list of things I've learned since joining the Coding Sandbox Wikia:

  1. Writing new content for wikia pages is harder and more time-consuming than it sounds. No, really, go ahead and write a brand new page that's half-decent.
  2. Doing a small amount of editing every day for a month is a lot more noticeable and effective than editing the same amount of wikia pages in one day. Now there's a tip for anyone playing the new editing game: don't rush everything.
  3. Copying and pasting is really, really easy. Editing what someone's copied and pasted is really, really hard. As per usual, I name no names, but you know who you are.
  4. Everything about Wikia's CSS page is broken. Everything.
  5. Pork scratchings are an amazingly effective tool for getting you through an editng marathon, as long as you have at least three packs of them to hand.
  6. Achievement points mean nothing, really. Giant Bubbles has more points than two moderators for stealing the 1000th edit... and only has 3 edits. They weren't even productive edits.
  7. The more you learn about code, the more you realise how stupid your earlier code was.
  8. Whoever thought an achievement for editing a wikia every day for a year was a good idea needs to be burned at the stake. I gave up after reaching 30 days and I have the highest edit count. 365 days? What does Brandon Rhea think we do with our lives?
  9. I'll never really be able to list everything.

Just in case you feel like it, I'm making custom usertags here.

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